A joyful (if disbelieving) heart

What an amazing last few weeks this has been. I can’t compare it to anything–it is too much, too fast. Inside, I think I’m still a kid from the desert who never thought she’d get to share a story that anyone found worth reading. How did all of this happen? I can’t wrap my head around it.

I am overwhelmed at my luck: my remarkable, loyal readers, who spoke loudly and eloquently about their love of EMBER and their desires for a sequel; my publishing house, which has gone to bat for me in the biggest way; and my friends–those who were with me before this journey began, and those who I have met while in the publishing/writing trenches.

But of all the awesomeness of the past few weeks, one moment stands out: when Penguin finalized a sequel for EMBER last week. The tour I went on was spectacular; the reviews both scary and great; the New York Times list simply mind-boggling. But the sequel….the sequel gave me my heart’s wish: to tell the story that I need to tell. To stay with characters who have become such a huge part of me.

Here is the full story:  Success of ‘AN EMBER IN THE ASHES’ Leads to Sequel

And here’s hoping that EMBER’s sequel is worthy of all the people who advocated for it.

April is Crazy Mix

A conversation that took place in my head last night:  

Responsible Baa: Do your work, Sabaa.
Devil Baa: Nooo, put up a new mix, you’ve been listening to the same crap for three months. BORING. BORED. I’M BORED.
RB: Don’t be stupid! You’ll never finish your work if you listen to Devil Baa. She never accomplishes anything. Ignore her and do your work.
RB: NO. Be strong, Sabaa. Ignore her. Work! You’ll regret it if you don’t. No! What are you doing? NO. STOP. GET OFF ITUNES. NOOOOO
DB: YEEESSSS. HA HA HA HA HA *dances to Passion Pit*

So here it is, Baa Mix 82, for your listening pleasure. It will be the last Mix probably until summer. Unless I hit another major deadline and decide to be ridiculous and download music instead of writing. Which is highly probable.

Q&A with Renee and Sabaa

So one of the best parts about the debut year has been meeting other writers, especially ones you click with. Renee Ahdieh, (THE WRATH AND THE DAWN Putnam/May) is one such writer and in the year that we’ve known each other we’ve gotten to be good friends. So here’s us having a grand old time asking each other questions we’ve gotten on Twitter and Tumblr  in an interview style via Skype. Enjoy!

Entertainment Weekly Hosts EMBER Book Trailer

The lovely peeps at EW.com are hosting a short interview and the first trailer for AN EMBER IN THE ASHES!!!

I was fortunate enough to go down to the sound stage in Los Angeles a few weeks ago and watch as part of the trailer was shot. I met the actors (a beautiful, talented bunch) and the makeup artist, saw the set, (including a huge, oppressive, black wall to represent Blackcliff Military Academy), and talked about the creative process with a group of bloggers and vloggers who also attended the shoot.

It’s incredible to me that days of work got boiled down to this short, powerful trailer—but I couldn’t be happier with the result. The book trailer addresses one of the questions central to AN EMBER IN THE ASHES: How far would you go—for family or freedom, for power or love?

The trailer touches on four different characaters. Laia, the frightened girl who must find the courage to save her family; Elias, the tormented soldier who wants desperately to be free from the tyranny he’s trained to enforce; the Commandant, a calculating and ruthless woman who will go to disturbing lengths for power; and Helene, Elias’s best friend and fellow soldier, who is torn between duty and love.

From the sets to the costumes to the makeup to the questions the trailer poses, I think everything about this is absolutely perfect. Here’s the link—I hope you enjoy the trailer! http://www.ew.com/article/2015/03/03/exclusive-see-trailer-sabaa-tahirs-ember-ashes