That time my dad was arrested for no reason

Hot sky, searing white. Low roofs and dead grass. The motel. My home.

A tenant gets belligerent and refuses to pay the rent, refuses to leave. My parents run the motel. They must evict her.

So my father calls the police. They will help.

The squad car arrives. Dad explains the situation.

Then, a mistake. A gesture seen as threatening? A misspoken word? The audacity of his brownness? We never really understood. Whatever it was, it flipped a switch. A second later:

My father’s head rammed into a wall.

A heavy arm locked around his throat.

My father…
shoved in a squad car
taken away.

I could say he didn’t do anything.
I could say he just wanted help.
I could say there was no reason. 

But what I should be able to say, the argument that should work, is: he is a human and he deserved to be treated like one.

My father is in his 70s now.

A long time ago, he had a stroke and forgot many things, like:
The names of objects.
Verdant swaths of his youth.
How to read.

But he remembers this.

Baa Mix 80: Fall 2014 (Part II)

Here’s a Fall present for you. Baa Mix 80.  Julian! Lupe! Andrew! Cold War Kids! Theophilus! IT’S TOO MUCH GREATNESS. *Swoons*

If you’re going to listen to one song on here, let it be the spectacular musical chaos of “Where No Eagles Fly” because WOW. (Oh, and “Tribe”. For the love of God, listen to “Tribe.” That’s two. I know, I’m cheating.)

P.S. The video for “Where No Eagles Fly” is not so good, what with the fake blood and the creepy close-ups and the 80s effects. But the music is YES.

  1. Theophilus London/Jesse Boykins III—Tribe
  2. Kasabian—Eez-Eh
  3. Wiz Khalifa—Promises
  4. Cold War Kids–First
  5. Julian Casablancas—Where No Eagles Fly (From about the halfway point on is basically one of the best things I’ve heard EVER EVER EVER IN MY LIFE.)
  6. In the Valley Below—Lover
  7. In the Valley Below—Dove Season
  8. Iggy Azalea—Walk the Line
  9. Broods—Mother and Father
  10. Bear’s Den—Above the Clouds of Pompeii (Warning: If you listen to this song closely, it might make you sad.)
  11. Mike Doughty—Light Will Keep Your Heart Beating in the Future
  12. Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness—Cecilia and the Satellite (About his daughter, SO SWEET.)
  13. Lupe Fiasco/Jennifer Hudson—Remission (This song. Oh this song. Created for Stand Up to Cancer, so GO BUY IT. Original is great too.) 
  14. The Zolas—Strange Girl
  15. The Zolas—Invisible (His Majesty Andre Remix)
  16. The Kooks—Bad Habit
  17. Sheppard—Geronimo
  18. New Found Glory—Selfless
  19. Hands Like Houses—Introduced Species. (There’s a new remix out, but I prefer the orignal.)


On Writing, Sept. 2014

Soul paces unsatisfied
Bound in this body.

Mind rages
Beats fists against the doubt.

Heart bucks, thrashes, fights
To cast off ties and tethers.

My head is loud. Loud with
Shadows that menace and
Drifting dunes of truth.

Below above inside outside always
A bass beat deep like war drums.
A storm that never quiets.

Music for Fall: Baa Mix 79

Huzzah for the music of late summer/fall! I still have my summer and spring mixes on heavy rotation, but the fall mix is starting to take over, just in time for Sept. The new mix is up on my music page. Favorites include Thousand Eyes, I Don’t Wanna Be Here and Shut In. I’m also very happy to add a song sung by fellow author and Fearless 15er David Arnold (The song is Kids of Appetite by Cinema Cycle)!  Enjoy!

Adventures at Comic Con!

The fantastic hosts an article and short video about my trip to Comic Con. We play “This or That?” and much geeking out occurs. Also Optimus Prime gives AN EMBER IN THE ASHES a thumbs up, which might be one of the greater moments of my life. Here’s the article:

And here’s the video! Enjoy!