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November 2013


Friday Top 5: Things You Should Do As a Writer (That Aren’t Writing)

Join a critique group  Getting your stuff read by people who aren’t your mom or best friend is essential to becoming a better writer. Critiquing other people’s work will not only teach you how to be a better writer yourself, it will allow to offer your own unique wisdom to your fellow writers. Join a writer’s group focused on support, instead of critique.  I don’t always want someone to fix my problems. Often I just want someone to ...

“A Little Party Never Killed Nobody”

Most people like weekends. Or half-days. Or vacation. Not me. Why? Because I’m not writing on weekends, half-days or while on vacation. You think I’m joking, but I’m not. Just ask my family. Every time I visit them, they basically never see me. Because I’m writing. I’m pretty dedicated to my book. I live it, breathe it, dream it. I have a 300-song playlist dedicated to it. I talk about my characters like they are real (Actually, I talk ...

Monday Morning Beats

Here Comes the Night Time by Arcade Fire. Wooo! 22 Minutes of Arcade Fire being weird and awesome!

Friday Top Five: Books About Writing

1. On Writing by Stephen King  I had a thousand people recommend this one to me and finally picked it up a couple of years ago. It’s no-nonsense and highly-relatable, but somehow manages to be encouraging at the same time. Excellent reading for when you’re struggling with your writing.2. Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott  This book is like sitting down to coffee with someone older, wiser and unafraid to speak truths. Lamott gets it—it’s as simple ...

“I’ve got a little bit longer (I’ve got a ways to go)”

I was reading The Song of Achilles a few months back and was stunned to see that the author, Madeline Miller, worked on the book for 10 years. Ten years. Most marriages don’t last that long. But if a story is just right, then for a dedicated author, the time flies by. Case in point: I thought of my book idea six years ago. I’ve worked on it non-stop for four years. And only in the past month did I start seeing the first returns on all that ...