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December 2013


“Your silence/is violent/it’s killing me.”

Oh Writer’s Block. What a horrid, foul beast you are. According to some writers, you don’t actually exist. But I know better. In my experience, writer’s block isn’t as simple as “I can’t write.” It’s not just the blank page staring back at you, though that is a component. For me, writer’s block is when my inner voice goes silent. I can still write—but I’m not at all excited about what I’ve written. I can immediately tell that it lacks ...

Thursday Morning Beats

I skipped a few days because I was trying to finish up revisions and, unlike Giselle,  I cannot multitask.Revisions are done (for now) so I can get back to sharing spectacular music. This one is from last year, butthat doesn’t make it any less awesome or heartbreaking. School Friends by Now Now

Monday Morning Beats

Disclaimer: I wanted this week’s Beats to be “The Mess” by The Naked and Famous, (because it isFANTASTIC GO DOWNLOAD IT NOW. NOWWWW!) but I couldn’t find a YouTube or SoundCloud link to”The Mess”, so I had to settle for “Hearts Like Ours,” (which is still excellent.)   ...