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September 2014


Baa Mix 80: Fall 2014 (Part II)

Here’s a Fall present for you. Baa Mix 80.  Julian! Lupe! Andrew! Cold War Kids! Theophilus! IT’S TOO MUCH GREATNESS. *Swoons* If you’re going to listen to one song on here, let it be the spectacular musical chaos of “Where No Eagles Fly” because WOW. (Oh, and “Tribe”. For the love of God, listen to “Tribe.” That’s two. I know, I’m cheating.) P.S. The video for “Where No ...

Wednesday Morning Beats

After the disappointing (also, free) U2 album, I needed something to put my faith back in rock. Knew I could count on the Kooks. “Bad Habit.”  P.S. This is a precursor to Baa Mix 80, which should be up later today or tomorrow.

On Writing, Sept. 2014

Soul paces unsatisfied Bound in this body. Mind rages Beats fists against the doubt. Heart bucks, thrashes, fights To cast off ties and tethers. My head is loud. Loud with Shadows that menace and Drifting dunes of truth. Below above inside outside always A bass beat deep like war drums. A storm that never quiets.