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December 2014


My List of Awesome

In lieu of a Top Ten List, I am doing a year-end List of 2015 Debut Awesomeness, (inspired by Kung Fu Panda.) The first part comprises the 2015 debuts I’ve read. There are a ton more that I haven’t read, but which will, of course, have their own brand of awesome. Books I’ve read: Awesomely Matched Couple: Shazi and Khalid in THE WRATH AND THE DAWN by Renee Ahdieh Awesome Friendship: Annamae and Sammy in UNDER A PAINTED SKY ...

That time my dad was arrested for no reason

Hot sky, searing white. Low roofs and dead grass. The motel. My home. A tenant gets belligerent and refuses to pay the rent, refuses to leave. My parents run the motel. They must evict her. So my father calls the police. They will help. The squad car arrives. Dad explains the situation. Then, a mistake. A gesture seen as threatening? A misspoken word? The audacity of his brownness? We never really understood. Whatever it was, it flipped a ...