April is Crazy Mix

A conversation that took place in my head last night:  

Responsible Baa: Do your work, Sabaa.
Devil Baa: Nooo, put up a new mix, you’ve been listening to the same crap for three months. BORING. BORED. I’M BORED.
RB: Don’t be stupid! You’ll never finish your work if you listen to Devil Baa. She never accomplishes anything. Ignore her and do your work.
RB: NO. Be strong, Sabaa. Ignore her. Work! You’ll regret it if you don’t. No! What are you doing? NO. STOP. GET OFF ITUNES. NOOOOO
DB: YEEESSSS. HA HA HA HA HA *dances to Passion Pit*

So here it is, Baa Mix 82, for your listening pleasure. It will be the last Mix probably until summer. Unless I hit another major deadline and decide to be ridiculous and download music instead of writing. Which is highly probable.

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