A joyful (if disbelieving) heart

What an amazing last few weeks this has been. I can’t compare it to anything–it is too much, too fast. Inside, I think I’m still a kid from the desert who never thought she’d get to share a story that anyone found worth reading. How did all of this happen? I can’t wrap my head around it.

I am overwhelmed at my luck: my remarkable, loyal readers, who spoke loudly and eloquently about their love of EMBER and their desires for a sequel; my publishing house, which has gone to bat for me in the biggest way; and my friends–those who were with me before this journey began, and those who I have met while in the publishing/writing trenches.

But of all the awesomeness of the past few weeks, one moment stands out: when Penguin finalized a sequel for EMBER last week. The tour I went on was spectacular; the reviews both scary and great; the New York Times list simply mind-boggling. But the sequel….the sequel gave me my heart’s wish: to tell the story that I need to tell. To stay with characters who have become such a huge part of me.

Here is the full story:  Success of ‘AN EMBER IN THE ASHES’ Leads to Sequel

And here’s hoping that EMBER’s sequel is worthy of all the people who advocated for it.

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