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Baa Mix 83: Summer 2015

I couldn’t sleep last night, so then this happened. No hip-hop on this one, I’m sad to say, but lots of very scrumptious indie, and, of course, a little Taylor on the side. I might have added some commentary this time.

Every mix has one song you MUST LISTEN TO. This time it’s This Wild Life’s cover of “Sleepwalking,” which is phenomenal, esp. if you know and love the original.

Fav line from The Zolas (as usual): So tired of being told to keep polite, this is called being alive.

  1. The Zolas: Molotov Girls (I’m obsessed with this one.)
  2. Bring Me the Horizon: Sleepwalking (see next.)
  3. This Wild Life: Sleepwalking (cover of the BMTH version. Love the original, but holy cats this one is beautiful.)
  4. Painted Palms: Disintegrate (if you don’t at least tap your feed to that bass, then you must not have a pulse.)
  5. Painted Palms: Gemini
  6. Twenty One Pilots: Stressed Out (Oh adulthood. You are here, and I don’t like you.)
  7. Girlpool: Ideal World
  8. Born Cages: Don’t Look Back
  9. The Karma Killers: My Killer Queen (angst.)
  10. Sundara Karma: Flame (album cover is so creepy. song is great.)
  11. Pretty City: Melt (LOVE this one.)
  12. FFS: Johnny Delusional (this song is hilarious but also really sad. every time i hear the ‘paging johnny delusional’ part, i start cracking up.)
  13. FFS: Piss Off (my husband’s theme song for me as I write book 2)
  14. Tove Lo: Like Em Young (Get it, Tove Lo.)
  15. BØRNS: Electric Love (This one is so addictive and fun—you’ll find yourself dancing. Video is whatever.)
  16. San Fermin: Jackrabbit
  17. Passion Pit: Until We Can’t (Let’s Go)
  18. All Time Low: Satellite
  19. Matt and Kim: Can You Blame Me (there’s a long speech at the beginning of this video, but video itself is worth it.)
  20. Mumford and Sons: The Wolf (Still like their older stuff better, but this isn’t terrible.)
  21. Hozier: Work Song (Been wanting to work this onto a mix for like, a year. Finally shoved it onto this one. Also, possibly one of my favorite videos ever.)
  22. Taylor Swift: Bad Blood (If you don’t like this song, you are lame. It’s KENDRICK LAMAR AND TAYLOR SWIFT, FOR GOD’S SAKE.)

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