Playlist for An Ember in the Ashes: Villains, Troublemakers and Redheads

It’s the final playlist! If you’ve stuck with me so far, THANK YOU. If this is the first playlist you’re seeing, then here’s the deal:  Without music, I could never have written EMBER. And without playlists, I could never have accessed my characters’ psyches. So far I have put up playlists for Laia, Elias and Helene. The last playlist includes baddies like The Commandant, Marcus and the Nightbringer, as well as other characters like Keenan and Cook.

I hope you guys enjoyed the playlists! You can find the others on my tumblr, or on my web site:

The Commandant

  1. Gimme Shelter—Rolling Stones
  2. Caribou—Pixies
  3. Bones—MS MR
  4. Off I Go—Greg Laswell
  5. Leader Holding His Eyes—The Lonely Forest
  6. Vines—Lost in the Trees
  7. Kids—Sleigh Bells
  8. Satellite—Nine Inch Nails
  9. Trojans—Atlas Genius (Acoustic)
  10. Paint It Black—Rolling Stones
  11. Comfortably Numb—Pink Floyd (Live Version from Delicate Sound of Thunder.)

The Nightbringer

  1. And All That Could Have Been—NIN
  2. Colours—Grouplove
  3. Destroy Everything You Touch—Ladytron
  4. My Body is a Cage—Performed by Peter Gabriel
  5. Seven Devils—Florence and the Machine
  6. Slow Poison—The Bravery
  7. Someone Like You—Adele
  8. Something I Can Never Have—NIN
  9. Terrible Love—The National
  10. Sun Gangs—The Veils
  11. Untitled 4—Sigur Ros
  12. Untitled 8—Sigur Ros
  13. Neighborhood #3—Arcade Fire
  14. Massive Attack—Teardrop


  1. Every Day Is Exactly the Same—NIN
  2. Sympathy for the Devil—Rolling Stones
  3. Shock to Your System—Tegan and Sara
  4. Troublemaker—Weezer
  5. I’ve Got Friends—Manchester Orchestra
  6. The Walker—Fitz & The Tantrums
  7. Doused—DIIV

 Marcus & Zak

  1. Adam’s Song—Blink 182
  2. I Miss You—Blink 182
  3. Walking with a Ghost—Tegan and Sara
  4. Laces Out—USS


  1. Kill Your Heroes—AWOLNATION
  2. In the Hall of the Mountain King—Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross
  3. Gouge Away—Pixies
  4. Wake Me up When September Ends—Green Day
  5. It’s All Right—Echo and the Bunnymen

Entire Book

  1. The Adventure—Angels &Airwaves
  2. Dream—The Boxer Rebellion
  3. Wake Up—Arcade Fire
  4. Ways to Go—Grouplove
  5. Wait—M83


  1. Hurt — Performed by Johnny Cash
  2. Love Ridden — Fiona Apple
  3. Shiver — Coldplay
  4. Sleep — Azure Ray
  5. White Blank Page — Mumford & Sons
  6. You — Radiohead
  7. I Need My Girl—The National
  8. Kill and Run—Sia
  9. Possibility—Lykke Li
  10. I’m on Fire—Bruce Springstein
  11. Karma Police—Radiohead
  12. Leave Out All the Rest—Linkin Park
  13. Terrible Love—The National
  14. Sun Gangs—The Veils
  15. Wonderwall—Performed by Ryan Adams
  16. Creep—Radiohead
  17. The Killing Moon—Echo and the Bunnymen

Afya Ara Nur

  1. Hey Pretty—Poe
  2. Kiss With a Fist—Florence & the Machine
  3. Sex on Fire—Kings of Leon
  4. Blue Sky—Fluke


  1. Lose You—Pete Yorn
  2. Red—Lost in the Trees
  3. Slide Show—Travis
  4. Siren—Tori Amos


  1. Broadripple Is Burning—Margot & the Nuclear So & Sos

The End (Elias & Laia)

  1. Outro—M83

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