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Fall/Winter 2015 Mix. (Baa Mix 85)

Woo! Fall and Winter Mix! A lot of songs that build to magnificence on this one, including “Hello”, “Devil’s Whisper” and “Seven Hours”.   And new Joanna Newsom, yes! I always learn new words when I listen to her.

Let’s see, if you listen to one song, it should definitely be Adele, but as most of the planet has listened to that song, my second choice would be “Male Gaze.” Wait…no, it would be “Sitcom.” Actually, no “Magnets.” STOP MAKING ME CHOOSE. Ok, ok, final answer…..”Devil’s Whisper.” B/c it’s different and awesome.

Baa Mix 85:

  1. Adele: Hello (or, Hallo, as she so charmingly croons it. If you haven’t seen it, WHAT ARE YOU DOING.)
  2. Borns: American Money (lyrics are a little basic, but it’s smooooth).
  3. Borns: The Emotion (oh the angst.)
  4. The Zolas: Male Gaze (The Zolas can do no wrong, imho)
  5. Raury: Friends (this video looks like it was a blast to make)
  6. Raury: Devil’s Whisper (OMG when that bass kicks in at 2:23, holy wow.)
  7. Wolf Alice: Moaning Lisa Smile (Video is awesome)
  8. Firekid: Magic Mountain (Is he talking about the theme park? That’s what I think of…)
  9. Forest Blakk: Love Me (Love Me)   (Couldn’t find this one on youtube either, or soundcloud, but I promise it’s good. Not my usual jam, but it spoke very powerfully to one of the characters in TORCH. Reminds me a lot of “Reverse” by SomeKindaWonderful)
  10. Baio: Sister of Pearl  (This original vid is so awkward that I put in the KCRW live version, which is quite stunning in its own right.)
  11. Joanna Newsom: Leaving the City
  12. Nothing But Thieves: Wake Up Call (The hook on this is surprising compared to the rest of the song and I love it.)
  13. Seinabo Sey: Younger (Kygo Remix) Though the original is great too.
  14. FFS: Police Encounters (This band is just so fun)
  15. Coleman Hell: Sitcom (couldn’t find a vid or soundcloud for this one, but trust me, it’s good.)
  16. Jack’s Mannequin: My Racing Thoughts
  17. LCD Soundsytem: I Can Change (This is an old favorite. Weird, yet strangely compelling)
  18. Blondfire: Pleasure
  19. Little May: Seven Hours. (Builds to an incredible ending.)
  20. Disclosure ft. Lorde: Magnets

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