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April 2016

Baa Mix

Baa Mix 86: Winter/Spring 2016

I was in the writing cave for the past 8 months or so, so while I was listening to music, I never had the time to put it all in one post. So this is a weird hybrid mix of stuff I’ve listened to during that time, divided into Winter and Spring. If you’re going to listen to one song—Water by Ra Ra Riot. Wait, also the Smells Like Teen Spirit cover from Freedom Fry because holy $h!t. Favorite line is from “Shovels & Dirt” by the ...
Debut Author

Introducing Debut Author Jeff Zentner

Despite all the excitement of this week, I couldn’t forget our debut author of the month, Jeff Zentner! Jeff’s novel, The Serpent King, was released on March 8.  For those of you just joining, I’ve been hosting a 2016 Debut Author Series, where I post short, Proust-inspired questionnaires with a 2016 debut author every month. Now, on to the interview… What character trait would you thieve from someone else (and who from)? I ...


Here’s the cover reveal and first chapter of the forthcoming sequel to AN EMBER IN THE ASHES, which is called A TORCH AGAINST THE NIGHT. I hope you guys enjoy it!