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Summer Roadtrip Mix: Baa Mix 87

There is nothing like listening to a new mix right as you set out on an adventure. If you’re going to listen to one song, then it’s a tie between Fiction and There Will Be Time (Live in South Africa version, plz) because both are incredible. In fact actually, the whole Kygo album is great so just get it. Oh and the new Grouplove is pretty great.

  1. Kygo Feat. Tom Odell: Fiction (OB-SESSED. But annoyingly, this is just a snippet, and it’s not on youtube, so you’ll have to trust me that it’s amazing.)
  2. Grouplove: Welcome to Your Life
  3. Mumford and Sons & Baaba Maal: There Will Be Time (This is the M&S I know and love)
  4. DREAMERS: Sweet Disaster
  5. The Middle East: Blood
  6. Sigur Ros: Ovedur (Jonsi ily you amazing man. Also if watching the video and you want to skip the first two weird minutes, you won’t miss any of the starts around the 2 min mark. )
  7. FIDLAR: Sabotage (Cover, but oh what a cover.)
  8. Carter Burwell: Trees Have a Life (I have loved this instrumental piece since 2000, when I first heard it in Before Night Falls. But I’ve never been able to find audio of it that I can download to iTunes, which is really frustrating. If anyone knows where I can get an mp3 of it PLEASE TELL ME)
  9. Kaleo: Way Down We Go
  10. Brand New: I am a Nightmare
  11. Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa and TM88: Bossed Up
  12. Death Cab for Cutie: Good Help (Is So Hard to Find) (How do they keep making such amazing music after so many years.)
  13. Kygo Feat. James Vincent: I’m in Love
  14. American Authors: Right Here Right Now
  15. Good Charlotte: Life Can’t Get Much Better
  16. The Head and the Heart: All We Ever Knew
  17. Twenty one pilots: heathens
  18. Indigo Girls: Galileo  Horrible video but just listen to the audio on it
  19. DMX: Blood Red
  20. The Naked and the Famous: Higher
  21. Austin Jones: Welcome to the Black Parade (acapella) Don’t listen to a lot of acapella, but this is a pretty interesting rendition of one of my fav songs.
  22. My Heart Borns: Dug My Heart  I didn’t love this one at first, but it grew on me.

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