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August 2016



Hey guys! I’m so excited to share some BIG NEWS with you! This is all due to you lovely Emberlings–thank you for supporting me and for supporting the books! Here’s to books 3 and 4! An Ember in the Ashes Series Gets Books 3 & 4  
Debut Author

Introducing Debut Author Rahul Kanakia

Welcome readers! Hope your summer is going well, even if it is coming to an end. This week we are introducing Debut Author Rahul Kanakia whose novel, Enter Title Here, was released on August 2nd, 2016. You can check it out here! And now for the interview! What character trait would you thieve from someone else (and who from)? I’d steal Scarlett O’Hara’s complete and utter self-possession. I read Gone With The Wind while in ...