Baa Mix

Spring/Summer 2017: Baa Mix 90

Spring is here, my allergies have taken over my face, my deadline is looming, WHAT BETTER TIME FOR A NEW BAA MIX???? If you listen to anything, listen to Kendrick Lamar, OBVIOUSLY.

  1. Betty Who (Aquilo Remix) : Human Touch
  2. Group Love: Good Morning
  3. Matt Maeson: Cringe (A Helene and Elias song)
  4. Bleachers: Don’t Take The Money
  5. Pentatonix: Bohemian Rhapsody Ridiculous, but fun.
  7. Lea Porcelain: Cover of Streets of Philadelphia (An atmospheric cover, if not as moving as the original.)
  8. Julien Baker: Distant Solar Systems (Go find this on spotify or iTunes, it is worth it)
  9. Missio: Bottom Of The Deep Blue Sea (Elias and Laia song)
  10. Boo Seeka: Oh My These guys remind me of Alt-J (whose stuff I haven’t been into lately, but I loved their first EP)
  11. Neon Waltz: Perfect Frame 
  12. Lorde: Green Light
  13. The Orwells: They Put A Body in the Bayou (SUCH an Elias Book 3 song)
  14. Kale0: All the Pretty Girls
  15. Ella Vos & R3hab: White Noise (R3hab Remix)
  16. Bishop Briggs: Dark Side  (HELENE ALL THE WAY)
  17. G-Eazy & Kehlani: Good Life  (Ok, I know this is so mainstream and also from Fate of the Furious but if you have a problem with that then, well, TWO MIDDLE FINGERS TO THE HAAAATERS. That’s um a quote from the song. In case you didn’t know.)
  18. Zipper Club: Regrets  (I LIVE FOR THE 3:15 MARK IN THIS SONG)
  19. X-Ambassadors: Torches (Very Ember Quartet)



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