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Introducing Debut Author Alwyn Hamilton

Hello, readers! I’m excited to introduce our March debut author: Alwyn Hamilton! For those of you just joining, I’ve been hosting a 2016 Debut Author Series, where I post short, Proust-inspired questionnaires with a 2016 debut author every month. I kicked off the series with author Marieke Nijkamp, and last month I featured the lovely Kathryn Purdie!  Our third debut author of 2016 is Alwyn Hamilton. Alwyn’s book, Rebel of ...
Debut Author

Introducing Debut Author Kathryn Purdie

Welcome back to the 2016 Debut Author Series! I hope you all enjoyed my last interview with debut author Marieke Nijkamp. I’m excited to introduce my second interviewee: Kathryn Purdie, author of Burning Glass (To be released March 1, 2016). Let’s begin! 1. What character trait would you thieve from someone else (and who from)? I want to be as unapologetically fierce as Sybella is in Dark Triumph by Robin LeFevers. She also ...
Debut Author

Introducing Debut Author Marieke Nijkamp

Welcome to the 2016 Debut Author Series, where I’ll be posting short, Proust-inspired questionnaires with a 2016 debut author every month. Since I just had my own crazy debut year, I’m extra excited to get the word out about these great books and authors. For the month of January, I am so pleased to have interviewed Marieke Nijkamp, author of  This Is Where It Ends (Sourcebooks Fire),which came out on  1/5/2016. Welcome Marieke! ...

A Request

Guys, 2015 was rad. I am super, crazy lucky that I published my first book, met a ton of new friends, traveled the country, got a sequel and saw AN EMBER IN THE ASHES become a bestseller. But 2015 was a doozy in other ways. And that’s what I want to talk about. (Come on, you know me by now….) I could try to be poetic, but instead, I’ll just say: –in 2015, 60 million people in the world are refugees and half of them are children. Half. ...

Sabaa & Renee’s Advice for 2016!

Hey guys! At the beginning of 2015, we (Renee Ahdieh and Sabaa Tahir) talked about keeping track of what we learned this year and then putting into one post at the end of the year. Here it is, in all its glory: WHAT WE LEARNED IN 2015, BY RENEE AHDIEH and SABAA TAHIR Planning is helpful: Authors, this year is going to busier than you could possibly imagine. You think you’ll have a free minute, only to realize that, in fact, you have to make ...
Baa Mix

Fall/Winter 2015 Mix. (Baa Mix 85)

Woo! Fall and Winter Mix! A lot of songs that build to magnificence on this one, including “Hello”, “Devil’s Whisper” and “Seven Hours”.   And new Joanna Newsom, yes! I always learn new words when I listen to her. Let’s see, if you listen to one song, it should definitely be Adele, but as most of the planet has listened to that song, my second choice would be “Male Gaze.” ...

You got knocked down, or “Dear Brown Kids”

Dear Brown Kids, Hey. I’m a brown kid too. Or I was. I grew up eventually. God, this sucks, doesn’t it? It’s AAAA and GRR and WHY  when you see something bad happen to a kid who looks like you, like what happened to Ahmed in Texas. (story here) It’s even worse when you fear that you’re just one misconstrued action away from something similar happening to you. I want to tell you something. The Thing I’m telling you is based off of this song I ...

Book 2 Title Revealed!

Here’s the reveal for the OFFICIAL title for AN EMBER IN THE ASHES 2, given to us by the wonderful book tubers PolandBananas and Tashapolis!  

Playlist for An Ember in the Ashes: Villains, Troublemakers and Redheads

It’s the final playlist! If you’ve stuck with me so far, THANK YOU. If this is the first playlist you’re seeing, then here’s the deal:  Without music, I could never have written EMBER. And without playlists, I could never have accessed my characters’ psyches. So far I have put up playlists for Laia, Elias and Helene. The last playlist includes baddies like The Commandant, Marcus and the Nightbringer, as well as other characters like Keenan ...

Full Playlist for An Ember in the Ashes: Helene

  Last week, I put up the playlists for Elias Veturius and Laia. As I said then, without music, I could never have written the book. And without playlists, I could never have accessed my characters’ psyches. The full playlist (more than 200 songs) has been revealed through a series of character-based posts. Today is Day 3: Helene Aquilla Helene is a Martial soldier and Mask who has been training at Blackcliff Military Academy for 14 ...