Most people like music. Some people love music. I am obsessed with music. I’ve been making mixes since 7th grade, and in 1999, Sensei dubbed these compilations “Baa Mixes.” Here are my latest mixes, along with a few soundcloud/youtube links for your enjoyment. 

An Aural Alternative: Baa Mix 88

Ah, yes, fall in California, a time of endless raking, ridiculous drinks, and an overuse of sweaters in weather that doesn’t really merit it. And yet I still love it. Mostly because fall is when all the BEST albums come out.

Looking at this now, I realize that it’s a bit dude-heavy. Sorry. I also left off Glass Animals, tho I do like their new one. But you all know about that album, judging from the number of people who have mentioned it to me, so hopefully you don’t mind.

If you listen to one song–War, by Nas.

  1. Nas Feat Raye: War (I mean, it’s Nas, what else do you want.)
  2. Kings of Leon: Waste a Moment  (Caleb’s voice aaaaaaaa *dies*)
  3. 888: Crucial Mistakes (Great Video. Very early-2010s anthem rock, but I like.)
  4. Colter Wall: Sleeping on the Blacktop  (Nobody says “moon” like Colter Wall)
  5. Grouplove: Good Morning (Why is everything they do so great? Total Laia song.)
  6. Atlas Genius: A Perfect End 
  7. Atlas Genius: Molecules
  8. Tkay: Carry on (feat Killer Mike)
  9. Garbage: Push It  (Ok, this is a 20-year old song, and I blame Jay Kristoff for getting the 90s back into my head, but whatever, Shirley was Queen before everyone else and this has aged so well. Video is really weeeird. )
  10. Taking Back Sunday: Tidal Wave  (V. old school TBS)
  11. Snow Patrol: Mysterious Ways cover (One of my very old favorites, particularly while I was writing AEITA, but it’s popping up again for Book 3. I might like this one better than the original b/c it’s so much sexier. From 3:08 on is perfection…)
  12. Lecrae & Leon Bridges: On My Own (Yessss)
  13. Rag’n’Bone Man: Human  (Got this from the trailer for 13th.)
  14. Sylvan Esso: Radio  (This song is utterly ridiculous and yet strangely catchy.)
  15. Daughter: Numbers (*Swoons* )
  16. Dirty Heads: Sound of Change (Very addictive, this one.)
  17. Silversun Pickups: Nightlight
  18. Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness: Fire Escape (Also very Anthem-y, but Andrew is a F-ing badass, so that’s cool.)
  19. Yelawolf: Daylight  (The hook on this, dayum)
  20. Judah & The Lion: Take It All Back (This one grew on me.)
  21. The Lumineers: Angela (This one definitely builds to something, but it’s worth the wait.)
  22. Anthony Green: You’ll Be Fine (I loved this song, so I watched the video, which was meh. Then at 1:56, it changed and suddenly I related to it about 1000 times more. Probably like 4 people will agree with me, but that’s ok.)
  23. Circa Survive: Drain You (Nirvana Cover)
  24. OneRepublic: Kids  (Not loving the new album, but this is solid)
  25. Martin Phipps & BBC National Orchestra of Wales (War & Peace): Andrei  (Ugggh, this part of the miniseries was SO SAD so naturally I found the soundtrack.)
  26. Chris Stapleton: Outlaw State of Mind  (Currently my Book 3 Theme song ha ha ha)

Summer Roadtrip Mix: Baa Mix 87

There is nothing like listening to a new mix right as you set out on an adventure. If you’re going to listen to one song, then it’s a tie between Fiction and There Will Be Time (Live in South Africa version, plz) because both are incredible. In fact actually, the whole Kygo album is great so just get it. Oh and the new Grouplove is pretty great.

  1. Kygo Feat. Tom Odell: Fiction (OB-SESSED. But annoyingly, this is just a snippet, and it’s not on youtube, so you’ll have to trust me that it’s amazing.)
  2. Grouplove: Welcome to Your Life
  3. Mumford and Sons & Baaba Maal: There Will Be Time (This is the M&S I know and love)
  4. DREAMERS: Sweet Disaster
  5. The Middle East: Blood
  6. Sigur Ros: Ovedur (Jonsi ily you amazing man. Also if watching the video and you want to skip the first two weird minutes, you won’t miss any of the starts around the 2 min mark. )
  7. FIDLAR: Sabotage (Cover, but oh what a cover.)
  8. Carter Burwell: Trees Have a Life (I have loved this instrumental piece since 2000, when I first heard it in Before Night Falls. But I’ve never been able to find audio of it that I can download to iTunes, which is really frustrating. If anyone knows where I can get an mp3 of it PLEASE TELL ME)
  9. Kaleo: Way Down We Go
  10. Brand New: I am a Nightmare
  11. Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa and TM88: Bossed Up
  12. Death Cab for Cutie: Good Help (Is So Hard to Find) (How do they keep making such amazing music after so many years.)
  13. Kygo Feat. James Vincent: I’m in Love
  14. American Authors: Right Here Right Now
  15. Good Charlotte: Life Can’t Get Much Better
  16. The Head and the Heart: All We Ever Knew
  17. Twenty one pilots: heathens
  18. Indigo Girls: Galileo  Horrible video but just listen to the audio on it
  19. DMX: Blood Red
  20. The Naked and the Famous: Higher
  21. Austin Jones: Welcome to the Black Parade (acapella) Don’t listen to a lot of acapella, but this is a pretty interesting rendition of one of my fav songs.
  22. My Heart Borns: Dug My Heart  I didn’t love this one at first, but it grew on me.

Baa Mix 86: Winter/Spring 2016

I was in the writing cave for the past 8 months or so, so while I was listening to music, I never had the time to put it all in one post. So this is a weird hybrid mix of stuff I’ve listened to during that time, divided into Winter and Spring.

If you’re going to listen to one song—Water by Ra Ra Riot. Favorite line is from “Shovels & Dirt” by the Strumbellas: “I gotta a head full of darkness and darkness is good.”

Winter 2015

  1. Ra Ra Riot: Water (This was my theme song all the way through the end of writing TORCH)
  2. Bob Moses: Tearing Me Up (Another TORCH theme song!)
  4. Farro: On a Wire
  5. Grimes: Venus Fly (feat. Janelle Monae)
  6. Grimes: Kill V. Maim (This. Song. Is. Life.)
  7. Beach Slang: Bad Art and Weirdo Ideas
  8. Julien Baker: Something (sobs)
  9. A$AP Rocky: Everyday (Just ignore the fact that Rod Stewart is in this song and it’s so great)
  10. Vance Joy: Mess is Mine
  11. The Lumineers: Ophelia (very sing-able)

Spring 2016

  1. Freedom Fry: Smells Like Teen Spirit (Thank you KCRW).
  2. Marvin Gaye: Sexual Healing (Kygo Remix)   (I don’t know why I love this song, but I absolutely blame April Tucholke and Maggie Thrash.)
  3. Bon Jovi: Living on a Prayer (Teaching the kids to air guitar and this seemed fitting for instruction, and then I remembered how great it was so here it is)
  4. Rae Sremmurd: Look Alive
  5. The Strumbellas: Shovel & Dirt
  6. The Strumbellas: Spirits
  7. The Brinks: Temporary Love
  8. Boosie Badazz & C-Murder: God, I’m Sorry (A man’s convo with God.)
  9. Lewis Del Mar: Malt Liquor (So obsessed with this song)
  10. School of Seven Bells: Open Your Eyes (The back story to this whole album is so damn sad.
  11. Basia Bulat: La La Lie
  12. The Young Wild: Not a One
  13. Fitz & the Tantrums: Handclap
  14. Miike Snow: Ghengis Khan (Obviously)
  15. Beyonce: Formation
  16. Oasis: Champagne Supernova (Idk, I just remembered it and then started listening to it obsessively exactly like in 9th grade. Weird time warp. Also, this video is so horribly 90s OMG. )

Baa Mix 85: Fall/Winter 2015

Woo! Fall and Winter Mix! A lot of songs that build to magnificence on this one, including “Hello”, “Devil’s Whisper” and “Seven Hours”.   And new Joanna Newsom, yes! I always learn new words when I listen to her.

Let’s see, if you listen to one song, it should definitely be Adele, but as most of the planet has listened to that song, my second choice would be “Male Gaze.” Wait…no, it would be “Sitcom.” Actually, no Magnets. STOP MAKING ME CHOOSE.  Ok, ok, final answer…..Devil’s Whisper. B/c it’s different and awesome.

Baa Mix 85:

  1. Adele: Hello (or, Hallo, as she so charmingly croons it. If you haven’t seen it, WHAT ARE YOU DOING.)
  2. Borns: American Money (lyrics are a little basic, but it’s smooooth).
  3. Borns: The Emotion (oh the angst.)
  4. The Zolas: Male Gaze (The Zolas can do no wrong, imho)
  5. Raury: Friends (this video looks like it was a blast to make)
  6. Raury: Devil’s Whisper (OMG when that bass kicks in at 2:23, holy wow.)
  7. Wolf Alice: Moaning Lisa Smile (Video is awesome)
  8. Firekid: Magic Mountain (Is he talking about the theme park? That’s what I think of…)
  9. Forest Blakk: Love Me (Love Me)   (Couldn’t find this one on youtube either, or soundcloud, but I promise it’s good. Not my usual jam, but it spoke very powerfully to one of the characters in TORCH. Reminds me a lot of “Reverse” by SomeKindaWonderful)
  10. Baio: Sister of Pearl  (This original vid is so awkward that I put in the KCRW live version, which is quite stunning in its own right.)
  11. Joanna Newsom: Leaving the City
  12. Nothing But Thieves: Wake Up Call (The hook on this is surprising compared to the rest of the song and I love it.)
  13. Seinabo Sey: Younger (Kygo Remix) Though the original is great too.
  14. FFS: Police Encounters (This band is just so fun)
  15. Coleman Hell: Sitcom (couldn’t find a vid or soundcloud for this one, but trust me, it’s good.)
  16. Jack’s Mannequin: My Racing Thoughts
  17. LCD Soundsytem: I Can Change (This is an old favorite. Weird, yet strangely compelling)
  18. Blondfire: Pleasure
  19. Little May: Seven Hours. (Builds to an incredible ending.)
  20. Magnets ft. Lorde: Magnets

Baa Mix 84: Fall 2015

I threw this one together, so it’s not as well organized as usual. Reflects the chaos of life, I guess. This is what I’ve been listening to over the summer and what I’ll be listening to this fall. Comments in parentheses.

It’s killing me that I can’t listen to any of the new stuff off the Zolas EP yet, but sooooon, and at least there is Molotov Girls (which is on Mix 83, if you are interested, which you should be, b/c it is fantastic.)

  1. The Neighborhood: R.I.P. to my Youth (ha ha ha)
  2. The Weeknd: The Hills (but really, everything he does)
  3. Twenty one pilots: Ride (just listen to this whole album, it’s so good.)
  4. The Griswolds: If You Wanna Stay
  5. Coleman Hell: 2 Heads (banjo yay)
  6. Death Cab for Cutie: What Sarah Said (DEPRESSING)
  7. Fetty Wap: RGF Island
  8. Painted Palms: Refractor (like twenty one pilots, this whole album is great and worth getting.)
  9. Fidlar: 40 Oz. On Repeat
  10. Motion City Soundtrack: Lose Control
  11. Sia Feat. Weeknd & Diplo: Elastic Heart. (I like this version better than her solo version. Also, this is totally Helene’s jam right now)
  12. Ryan Adams: Shake It Off (Whole album is good, but I like this one the best.)
  13. Meg Myers: Lemon Eyes (I am obsessed witht his one.)
  14. Banners: Shine a Light
  15. Silversun Pickups: Nightlife
  16. Wiz Khalifa: Slow Burn
  17. Rob Bailey and the Hustle Standard: Beast (feat Busta Rhymes, KXNG Crooked and Tech N9ne) from Southpaw
  18. Austra: Beat and the Pulse (a rediscovery, but thanks to Jeff Zentner for reminding me about this one.)

Baa Mix 83: Summer 2015

I couldn’t sleep last night, so then this happened. No hip-hop on this one, I’m sad to say, but lots of very scrumptious indie, and, of course, a little Taylor on the side. I might have added some commentary this time.

Every mix has one song you MUST LISTEN TO. This time it’s This Wild Life’s cover of Sleepwalking, which is phenomenal, esp. if you know and love the original. Links attached, as usual.

Fav line from The Zolas (as usual): So tired of being told to keep polite, this is called being alive.

  1. The Zolas: Molotov Girls (I’m obsessed with this one.)
  2. Bring Me the Horizon: Sleepwalking (see next.)
  3. This Wild Life: Sleepwalking (cover of the BMTH version. Love the original, but holy cats this one is beautiful.)
  4. Painted Palms: Disintegrate (if you don’t at least tap your feed to that bass, then you must not have a pulse.)
  5. Painted Palms: Gemini
  6. Twenty One Pilots: Stressed Out (Oh adulthood. You are here, and I don’t like you.)
  7. Girlpool: Ideal World
  8. Born Cages: Don’t Look Back
  9. The Karma Killers: My Killer Queen (angst.)
  10. Sundara Karma: Flame (album cover is so creepy. song is great.)
  11. Pretty City: Melt (LOVE this one.)
  12. FFS: Johnny Delusional (this song is hilarious but also really sad. every time i hear the ‘paging johnny delusional’ part, i start cracking up.)
  13. FFS: Piss Off (my husband’s theme song for me as I write book 2)
  14. Tove Lo: Like Em Young (Get it, Tove Lo.)
  15. BØRNS: Electric Love (This one is so addictive and fun—you’ll find yourself dancing. Video is whatever.)
  16. San Fermin: Jackrabbit
  17. Passion Pit: Until We Can’t (Let’s Go)
  18. All Time Low: Satellite
  19. Matt and Kim: Can You Blame Me (there’s a long speech at the beginning of this video, but video itself is worth it.)
  20. Mumford and Sons: The Wolf (Still like their older stuff better, but this isn’t terrible.)
  21. Hozier: Work Song (Been wanting to work this onto a mix for like, a year. Finally shoved it onto this one. Also, possibly one of my favorite videos ever.)
  22. Taylor Swift: Bad Blood (If you don’t like this song, you are lame. It’s KENDRICK LAMAR AND TAYLOR SWIFT, FOR GOD’S SAKE.)

Baa Mix 82: Spring 2015

Managed to squeeze this in before EMBER launches. It will be the last one until summer, I think, which is why it’s so massive. 😀 I love everything on here, of course, but favs are Vagabond, Hide, A Beginning Song and Prisoner 1&2.

Favorite line is from 10,000 Weight in Gold: And the nighttime was the worst/It shows you all the things you’ve lost.

Ain’t that the truth. Enjoy.

  1. MisterWives: Vagabond (Been meaning to put this on a mix forever. It’s my fav off that album)
  2. Airborne Toxic Event: One Time Thing
  3. Twenty-One Pilots: Fairly Local
  4. Little May: Hide
  5. Little May: Bones
  6. Kendrick Lamar: The Blacker the Berry
  7. Wiz Khalifa/Iggy Azalea: Go Hard or Go Home
  8. WK/Charlie Puth: See You Again
  9. Passion Pit: Lifted Up (1985)
  10. Until the Ribbon Breaks: Revolution Indifference (feat. Run the Jewels)
  11. Broken Back: Halcyon Birds
  12. Tupac: California Love (Ok, it’s old school, but was re-released on his best of, so whatever.)
  14. Muse: Dead Inside
  15. The Decemberists: A Beginning Song
  16. Prinze George: We Are Dreamers (feat: Misun Wojcik)
  17. Lupe Fiasco: Prisoner 1 & 2
  18. Empire Soundtrack: Keep Your Money
  19. Empire Soundtrack: No Apologies
  20. AWOLNATION: Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)
  21. The Head and the Heart: 10,000 Weight in Gold
  22. Lord Huron: Fool For Love
  23. Matt&Kim: Get It
  24. Matt&Kim: Hey Now
  25. White Arrows: We Can’t Ever Die

Baa Mix 81: Winter 2015

Lots of people asking me for a new mix, but I’m suddenly short on time. 🙁  Boo, hiss! Anyway, I threw this one together based on the last few weeks/months of listening. Resilience, revolution and plenty of angst. Notes: George Ezra’s voice is SO UNFAIR. The way he delivers the hook on “Did you Hear the Rain”? Wow.


  1. Bastille/Angel Haze/F*U*G*Z/Braque: Weapon
  2. Elliphant: One More
  3. Night Terrors of 1927/Tegan and Sara: When You Were Mine
  4. Zella Day: 1965
  5. School of Seven Bells: I Got Knocked Down (But I’ll Get UP)
  6. Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds: In the Heat of the Moment
  7. Ghostface Killah: Blood in the Streets
  8. Royksopp: Monument
  9. Avid Dancer: I Want To See You Dance
  10. Bruce Springstein: Girls in Their Summer Clothes
  11. Lupe Fiasco: Deliver
  12. Elizaveta: Meant
  13. Jetta: I’d Love to Change the World
  14. First Aid Kit: Stay Gold
  15. Hozier: Angel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene
  16. George Ezra: Blame it on Me
  17. George Ezra: Did You Hear the Rain
  18. Elle King: Ain’t Gonna Drown
  19. Wild Smiles: Never Wanted This
  20. Twin River: Bend to Break

Baa Mix 80: Fall 2014 (Part II)

Julian! Lupe! Andrew! Cold War Kids! Theophilus! IT’S TOO MUCH GREATNESS. *Swoons*

Fav line of this mix is from the Zolas’ song Strange Girl.  “I know you oh so well/since we were 15/so well I feel my joints/when your weather’s shifting.”

But if you’re going to listen to one song on here, let it be the spectacular musical chaos of “Where No Eagles Fly” because WOW. (Oh, and “Tribe”. For the love of God, listen to “Tribe.” That’s two. I know, I’m cheating.)

P.S. The video for “Where No Eagles Fly” is not so good, what with the fake blood and the creepy close-ups and the 80s effects. But the music is YES.

  1. Theophilus London/Jesse Boykins III—Tribe
  2. Kasabian—Eez-Eh
  3. Wiz Khalifa—Promises
  4. Cold War Kids–First
  5. Julian Casablancas—Where No Eagles Fly (From about the halfway point on is basically one of the best things I’ve heard EVER EVER EVER IN MY LIFE.)
  6. In the Valley Below—Lover
  7. In the Valley Below—Dove Season
  8. Iggy Azalea—Walk the Line
  9. Broods—Mother and Father
  10. Bear’s Den—Above the Clouds of Pompeii (Warning: If you listen to this song closely, it might make you sad.)
  11. Mike Doughty—Light Will Keep Your Heart Beating in the Future
  12. Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness—Cecilia and the Satellite (About his daughter, SO SWEET.)
  13. Lupe Fiasco/Jennifer Hudson—Remission (This song. Oh this song. Created for Stand Up to Cancer, so GO BUY IT. Original is great too.) 
  14. The Zolas—Strange Girl
  15. The Zolas—Invisible (His Majesty Andre Remix)
  16. The Kooks—Bad Habit
  17. Sheppard—Geronimo
  18. New Found Glory—Selfless
  19. Hands Like Houses—Introduced Species. (There’s a new remix out, but I prefer the orignal.)

Baa Mix 79: Fall 2014 (Part I)

This should get me through the next couple months. My fav is Thousand Eyes (which I have listened to 1,000 times).

  1. Lia Ices: Thousand Eyes
  2. Magic Man: Out of Mind
  3. Nine Inch Nails: The Perfect Drug (Ok, I’m sneaking this one off a mix so ancient that it was on cassette. I heard the song the other day and figured I should resurrect it )
  4. Weezer: Back to the Shack
  5. Strand of Oaks: Shut In
  6. Echo Smith: Cool Kids
  7. Rise Against: I Don’t Wanna Be Here Anymore
  8. Alt-J: Hunger of the Pine
  9. Milky Chance: Down by the River
  10. The Orwells: Let it Burn
  11. OK-Go: The Writing’s on the Wall
  12. The New Pornographers: Brill Bruisers
  13. Wild Cub: Colour
  14. The Maine: Run
  15. AFI: I Hope You Suffer
  16. The Colourist: The Further
  17. Cinema Cycle: Kids of Appetite
  18. Toy Guns: Tokyo Police Club
  19. Jenny Lewis: Just one of the guys

Baa Mix 78: Summer 2014

  1. Au Revoir Simone: Fade Into You
  2. Cold War Kids: Bottled Affection
  3. The Veils: Through the Deep, Dark Wood
  4. Hozier: Take Me To Church
  5. Portugal. The Man: Smile
  6. Vance Joy: Riptide
  7. Vinyl Thief: Stop Motion
  8. Junior Prom: Sheila Put the Knife Down
  9. Rising Sons: High
  10. St. Lucia: All Eyes on You
  11. Milky Chance—Stolen Dance
  12. Cage the Elephant: Aberdeen
  13. Strange Talk: Young Hearts (The Chainspokers Remix)
  14. Naomi Pilgrim—House of Dreams
  15. Seinabo Sey—Hard Time
  16. Grouplove—Let Me In
  17. Lana Del Rey—Ultraviolence
  18. Little Daylight—Overdose
  19. Water Liars—Let it Breathe

Baa Mix 77: Late Winter/Spring 2014

  1. Orthy: E.M.I.L.Y.
  2. Florrie: Seashells
  3. Florrie: Live a Little (Cats Hero Remix)
  4. Manchester Orchestra: Every Stone
  5. Phantogram: Bill Murray
  6. Chain Gang of 1974: Sleepwalking
  7. Editors: Sugar
  8. Chvrches: Zvvl
  9. Volcano Choir: Byegone
  10. Kids: Sleigh Bells
  11. Dum Dum Girls: Lord Knows
  12. Silversun Pickups: Cannibal
  13. Sleigh Bells: You don’t get me twice
  14. Birdy: Wake me up (cover)
  15. Dangerous: Big Data
  16. Bad Things: Caught Inside
  17. Morning Parade: Alienation
  18. I Wanna Get Better: Bleachers
  19. Silent Letters: Swimming Lessons

Baa Mix 76: Winter 2014 

  1. House of Gold by twenty one pilots
  2. Paper Forest (in the Afterglow of Rapture) by Emmy the Great
  3. Candles by Daughter
  4. Hearts Like Ours by The Naked and Famous
  5. The Mess by The Naked and Famous
  6. Street Spirit (Fade out) by Radiohead
  7. Habits by Tove Lo
  8. Tonight You’re Perfect by New Politics
  9. Shark Attack by Grouplove
  10. School Friends by Now Now
  11. Will Call (Diplo Remix) by Grizzly Bear
  12. Step Out by Jose Gonzalez
  13. Here Comes the Nighttime by Arcade Fire
  14. Another Story by the Head and the Heart
  15. Let the Day Begin by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Baa Mix 75: Fall 2013

  1. Gimme Your Love—Morcheeba
  2. Panama—Always
  3. Wasting My Young Years —London Grammar
  4. Nightcall—London Grammar
  5. Satellite—Nine Inch Nails
  6. Wings—Birdy
  7. Dream—The Boxer Rebellion
  8. Pretty Boy—Young Galaxy
  9. Violent Silence—Beatrice Ali
  10. Copy of A—Nine Inch Nails
  11. Pumpin’ Blood—NONONO
  12. Wait for Me—Kings of Leon
  13. It’s Over—Beatrice Eli
  14. Depeche Mode—Useless

Baa Mix 74: Summer 2013

  1. All this Promise—The Joy Formidable
  2. Cultured Man—The Zolas
  3. Big Blue Wave (Acoustic)—Hey Ocean!
  4. Blue Jeans (RAC Mix)—Lana Del Rey
  5. Peaches—In the Valley Below
  6. Kids—Mikky Ekko
  7. Summer Forgive me—British India
  8. Lost That Easy—Cold War Kids
  9. Ways to Go—Grouplove
  10. We’re the Kids—Parade of Light
  11. Ghostcity—Thomas Azier